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Accommodate Your Customer’s Busy Schedules with An After Hours Drop Box

Accommodate Your Customer’s Busy Schedules with An After Hours Drop Box

Posted by Administrator on Mar 24th 2021

An After-Hours Drop Box Offers Convenience

No matter who you are, our daily schedules can get rather hectic. With jobs, families, friends, and other responsibilities pulling us in so many different directions, finding the time to get your car to the shop during regular business hours can quickly become a monumental task. Instead of your customers becoming overwhelmed by the scheduling nightmare, there are ways to help them get their car to your shop on their time while providing them a safe and secure place to leave their keys. One such solution is through installing an after-hours drop box. The following infographic covers some of the potential benefits:

Providing Flexibility for Your Customers

Providing your customers with flexibility when it comes to dropping off their vehicles for service goes a long way towards building up that level of trust to make them repeat customers. While your quality work will be the main selling point in having them come back again, they will also remember that you had a system in place that allowed them to work around their hectic schedule. By giving them the ability to drop their car off instead of having to completely upend their lives to get to your service center within regular business hours, you create that memorable experience that translates into repeat customers.

It’s All About Peace of Mind

When presented with the option to drop their car off overnight, most people’s biggest obstacle can be where to leave their key for your team to find in the morning. You can always leave the keys in your car with the doors unlocked, but that option can prove nerve-wracking. When you provide the after-hours dropbox, you give your customers a safe and secure place to drop their keys off when they visit. You also have one central location with all of the keys from your overnight customers, so you can keep track of them in the morning when you start work.

When your customers come to your dealership and service center, you want them to feel at home and to have a high level of trust in you. Whether it’s through providing them with car wallets for their essential documents, a wide range of license plate accessories, or the flexibility to safely drop their car off after hours, building that relationship and trust with your customers is crucial. With the help of Park Place Printing, you can begin building a safe and secure system for your customers to drop off their cars and keys outside normal business hours with our after-hours and early-bird drop boxes! Contact our team to place your next order today!