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Advertising Swooper Flags

Seizing the average consumer's attention in a world full of digital distractions may seem like a lost cause to many businesses. How do you catch someone's attention if they are driving past your business and too distracted by traffic, passengers, talking on their phones, and more? With static digital signage flashing everywhere outside and inside businesses, consumers won't always have their attention diverted by commonly-used advertising techniques. Digital signage may work well for directing traffic or providing short snippets of information, but it simply doesn't grab and keep a person's attention. So what's the answer to your advertising problems? Swooper flags! Read More...

Are Feather Flags the Same as Swooper Flags?

Yes! Also called feather flags, swooper flags are big, colorful, and more importantly, attract attention using wind power. Unlike digital signage that requires expensive amounts of electricity to operate, swooper flags won't take a penny of your profits to wave, flutter, and "swoop" in to capture everyone's attention. Feather flags from Park Place Printing & Promotional Products are easy to set up outside your business, in parking lots, and near streets in front of and surrounding your business. When the wind blows against a swooper flag, it immediately unfurls in full view of potential customers and puts the name of your business front and center. Have you checked on the costs of advertising with car wraps, billboards, or digital signs that require special software and regular maintenance? The point of purchasing advertising tools is to make money using as little of your own money as possible and that's where swooper flags fill all these needs.

Your Business Needs A Swooper Flag

Park Place Printing is your one-stop shop where you will find swooper flags for sale, hardware for setting up swooper flags, and other great advertising materials to help your business attract and retain customers — starting today. You can order customized swooper flags or standardized advertising materials for all types of businesses:

For businesses that may be unable to set up swooper flags due to space restrictions or other issues, we also offer the following affordable advertising materials guaranteed to bring in new customers:

Enjoy High Quality Work On All Customized Swooper Flags

Park Place Printing is one of the leading providers of preprinted or customized promotional materials in the industry. With unparalleled customer service and affordable products you won't find anywhere else, we are proud to have earned a solid reputation for exceeding customer expectations.

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Browse our selection of swooper flags, air inflatables, pennants, streamers, banners, and underhood signs to get started on your new, bold advertising strategy today. If you have a logo or specific design in mind already, we're happy to talk about what you envision in a customized feather flag. Place your order today or contact us now to speak to one of our staff about our great products!