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Service Hang Tags

Running a successful service department at your dealership is all about efficiency. The less time spent searching for the right car to service, the more time you can actually spend servicing the car. Consider our dispatch hang tags printing service to help you do your job a little faster and little easier. Increase the productivity of your service department today with hang tags from Park Place Printing. Automotive service hang tags are very easy to attach to and detach from a vehicle. We have a huge selection of service hang tags and blank hang tags so you can organize your service center the way that works best for you and your employees!


From blank hang tags to 4 digit hang tags of several varieties, we have the type of tag you need for your service center or garage. Organization is just as important as getting the car out and back to the customer; so why not use one of the easiest to use organizational auto dealer supplies from the best supplier?

Disorganization is a sign of a poorly run service center. This causes slow turnover times and disgruntled customers. Keep everything in order with the best auto dealer supplies, like service hang tags, right here at Park Place Printing!