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Air Freshener Accessories

Keep your cars smelling fresh with our odor armor line, we have scents and wipe out eliminator system.

  • Air Fresheners (Custom) Air Fresheners (Custom) template

    Air Fresheners (Custom)

    Air fresheners are economical and provide a long lasting pleasant fragrance. Great for insurance, auto dealers, auto service centers, oil change, awareness, banks, community public service announcements etc. Available in standard or custom shapes...

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  • Wipe Out Eliminator System

    Wipe Out Eliminator System

    Wipe Out Eliminator System Wipe out odor eliminator system vaporizes, decontaminates, disinfects, and deodorizes. This quick acting product releases chlorine dioxide into the air and deeply penetrates into any materials including metal and plastic,...

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  • Odor Bombs new leather Odor Bombs fresh N clean

    Odor Bombs

    Odor Bombs Stops unwanted odors and deodorizes the inside of the vehicle. Available in 5 different scents, New Car Scent, Fresh N' Clean, Wild Cherry, Mango Tango, New Leather Formulated to neutralize odors, such as tobacco smoke 5 ounce cans Packaged 1...

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  • Air Freshener Pads Air Freshener Pads New Car Scent

    Air Freshener Pads

    Air Freshener Pads - Oder Armor Heavily Scented for long-lasting use. will remove stale or musty odors 1-1/2 x 3 Scents: New Car Scent #4520, Fresh N' Clean #4521, Wild Cherry #4522, MangoTango #4523, New Leather #4524, Vanilla Twist #4525. Coconut Creme...

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