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Stock Stickers

Having clear stock stickers on your items for sale is extra important at a dealership lot. Otherwise interested customers may go to a competing lot if they're unable to read any stock stickers on your vehicles, or if there aren't stickers at all. You'd be doing your business a grave disservice if you were to opt out of putting stickers on your vehicles or if your stickers weren't clearly visible and legible.

Make sure that you have the highest quality designed and custom printed stickers, as well as the inspection stickers and sold stickers, to make it clear that potential buyers have all the information they need before test driving one of the vehicles on your lot.

You have seen auto decals on nearly every dealer lot in America, and for a good reason. Giving the customer basic information on a unit for sale through auto decals is not only beneficial to the potential buyer, but is an effective, no hassle marketing tool for your business. Check out all of our available labels for sale below!