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Coloring Books & Crayons

Establish yourself as a family-friendly environment by providing coloring books and crayons for customers with young children. As parents peruse merchandise and complete transactions, it's easy for them to become distracted or to fall into a bad mood if their children are complaining or vying for their attention. Some dealerships even lose customers if children begin throwing tantrums, because parents are forced to turn their attention to resolving the problem and to leave without purchasing a vehicle. These coloring books can help you solve all of these problems!


Our coloring books are books that reflect your business! These are very popluar in car dealership waiting rooms for kids! Looking to get a promotional coloring book that reflects your business, we can do all the work for you! All these imprint coloring books are designed to promote childhood education along with your business. These books help children learn about cars and keep them occupied in the showroom, and even service department! Guaranteed to help close a sale and make any service visit more enjoyable.