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Balloons (Reusable)

Have your advertising dollar soar when using promotional balloons from Park Place Printing! Find giant balloons that will help you get your message out there and let the customer know about the fantastic events that are happening at your dealership. Everyone knows that balloons are exactly what you need to turn an average sales event into a party! These reusable balloons are great to put up during your biggest events of the year and you can get them all, right here, at Park Place Printing.

Promotional balloons are a great way to attract customers! Let them know something BIG is happening with giant balloons that can be seen from great distances.

Our reusable balloons are a great way to get a lot of longevity out of the products that are so crucial to the promotion of your dealership. Find the best balloons today at Park Place Printing!

  • Cluster balloons with water base Cluster balloons with water base 1

    Reusable Balloon Cluster Kit with Water Base

    Five times the impact of our Reusable Balloon Ground Pole Kit! The use of two Cluster Arms allows this kit to hold five Reusable Balloons at once! Sturdy Water Base allows Cluster to be placed on any flat surface! Each Kit includes one 35" tall sturdy...

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  • Reusable Balloon various colors Reusable Balloon imprinted or plain

    Reusable Balloon Only

    Designed specifically for the Reusable Balloon Kit. This reusable inflatable balloon is made out of PVC vinyl and is 20 inches diameter. Sold 1 per order This item is new.

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  • Swooper Water/Sand Base physical $ 35.5

    Swooper Water/Sand Base

    Fill with water or sand to display your swooper flags! Overall Size:      Length: 18"     Width: 18"     Height: 5-1/4" Material:      1.5 mm thick black PVC      42 mm...

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  • SuperFlex Balloon Stem SuperFlex Balloon Stem 1

    SuperFlex Balloon Stem

    Balloons bob and sway as balloon stems bend like willows in the wind! Stems are also REUSABLE! Each stem is tough SuperFlex fiberglass like a fishing rod,  Size 41" tall Stock: fiberglass Great with 17" Latex Balloons (sold separately)

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  • Reusable Balloon Ground Pole Kit Reusable balloons

    Reusable Balloon Ground Pole Kit

    Designed to be used with reusable balloons on any landscaped or grassy area. Kit includes one 35" tall sturdy aluminum pole, one 30" tall fiberglass & reinforced plastic Balloon Holder, one Balloon Adapter Kit, one 27" tall steel Ground Spike and...

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  • Latex Balloon Holder

    Latex Balloon Holder

    A great new way to fly balloons without using helium! Pole & balloon cup are 36 1/2" tall. This reusable, unique plastic & flexible fiberglass invention allows balloons filled with only air to fly at the same height of 36 1/2". Designed for 16",...

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  • Fence Base

    Fence Base

    Now you can fly your reusable balloons on a fence, building or wall! Designed to hold Reusable Balloon Poles. Attach this bracket to fences, light poles or buildings. Made of heavy duty steel, each bracket has a 4 inch x 5 7/8 inch plate with four holes...

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  • Balloon Adapter Clip Only (EZ-526)

    Balloon Adapter Clip Only (EZ-526)

    Replacement Adapter Clip specifically designed for use with One Piece (EZ527) or Two Piece (EZ532) Reusable Balloon Holders to attach a Reusable Balloon (EZ524). Black plastic adapter allows Reusable Balloon (EZ524) to be attached and removed easily from...

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