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5 Giveaways To Improve Brand Recognition

5 Giveaways To Improve Brand Recognition

Jun 8th 2024

Giveaways with your business’ logo will improve brand recognition, especially for car dealerships and auto repair shops. Brand recognition relies on making your way into your consumer’s line of thought. A great way of ensuring that your current or potential clients remember your name are giveaways.

Statistics indicate that customers keep giveaways for at least eight months before throwing them away. Additionally, 71% of all tradeshow attendees remember the company that gave them free stuff. Giveaways play on two basic determinants of customer behavior—that customers love free goodies and that they need timely reminders that you’re offering a service they need (for eight months anyway).

The choice of giveaways is really important though. It must be a durable and useful product—items that they’re likely to keep within reach. This brings us to a very important question: What exactly are such items?

Here are 5 giveaways to improve brand recognition for your car dealership or auto repair business.

1. Giveaway Air Fresheners

The human sense of smell plays a very important role in triggering certain memories. So, try using air fresheners with your business’s name on them and smell similar to the air fresheners you use in your office. Your customers will always keep them in their car and will have constant olfactory/visual reminders of your name and services. As a result, they will remember your business when the time is right.

2. Add Service Floor Mats

Car floor mat for automotive repair or service technicians Witty quotes and beautiful designs that please your customer’s sensibilities are one of the best ways of catching their attention. Try giving away a funny floor mat with a great joke written on it. Our floor mats are made of high quality materials. As an added bonus, put your company’s name on them. Either way, it piques someone’s attention when they look at it and they are sure to remember your business.

3. Giveaway Key Accessories

House keys, car keys, office keys, drawer keys—your customers have keys for everything. Give them key chains in aesthetically pleasing designs to continually remind them of your services each time they reach for one of their keys.

4. Hand Out Coloring Books and Crayons

Tons of Trucks children's coloring book with customizable logo for giveaways There’s no better way to tell your customers that you care than by giving their children something that they’ll enjoy playing around with. Coloring books and crayons are inexpensive, and great for keeping kids entertained. As an added bonus, once the kids take these home, the parents will always remember your company. They will remember that your company thinks about their children and gives them fun coloring books.

5. T-shirts for Brand Recognition

There are few things which can draw eyes as easily as a funky t-shirt. Vibrant colors, printed with catch phrases and your logo will give your customers a steady reminder of your services. These will also effectively turn them into walking billboards that can draw potential customers to you.

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So, if you’re ready to spruce up your giveaways and improve brand recognition, call us at 888-602-3123. We would be happy to give you more information on our range of services for your dealerships or repair services.