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Can Swooper Flags Help Boost Foot Traffic To My Dealership?

Can Swooper Flags Help Boost Foot Traffic To My Dealership?

Jul 9th 2021

Swooper Flags Attract Attention

When it comes to the summer months, car dealerships run various summer sales to drum up more business and work through more of their inventory. With other dealerships running similar promotions, competing to get the same potential customers onto their lot, finding engaging ways to stand out becomes paramount for dealerships. But in a world that has gone increasingly online, can something like a swooper flag move the needle enough for a car dealership?

What Is A Swooper Flag?

Swooper flags have been used for years to draw the attention of passersby. Large full-color banners made from polyester-like material are designed to catch the wind and flap in the air. This effect causes drivers and people walking by to take notice of the movement and have their attention. Once they have accomplished this, people become more inclined to find out more about the sale, come in for a test drive, and move forward in the car buying process.

Swooper flags are also known as "feather flags" and have been a prominent tactic for car dealers. But with the rise of social media, the internet, and more digital advertising, do custom feather flags still have a prominent place in a dealership's sales strategy moving forward? The answers seem to lean towards yes.

Attracting Impulse Buyers

Many people fall back to impulse buying and acting on their first instincts when it comes to most purchases. While people will do more research on picking a car, you can still find ways to tap into that impulse buying mentality.

Making the most of the average person's first instinct to make impulse purchases and money decisions can be tapped into with the right swooper flag strategy. Lining your main lots with feather flags and swooper flags that shout out your upcoming and active sales can help grab people's attention who have thought about a change with their vehicles.

Highlight Specific Parts Of The Sale

While every sale has the same end game, the content and draw of each event are different. Different sales draw on different themes, deals, and other factors to try and be as enticing as possible to potential customers. With specialized double-sided swooper flags, like the ones you can order from Park Place Printing, you can ensure that you have advertising flags that call attention to the specifics of each sale and maximize the potential to get the attention and foot traffic you want.

Bring Attention To Your Inventory

Does your dealership have excess new cars or quality used cars that you want to move to make way for next year's lineup? Do you have a full lineup of certified pre-owned vehicles that might entice car buyers looking for more budget-friendly options? With the right custom feather swooper flags, you can bring attention to the parts of your inventory that you want to highlight and drive more traffic towards.

Giving customers every opportunity to learn and entice them to come into your lot provides your sales team more chances to forge relationships and close deals with prospective clients. You want to create a welcoming environment for these people, and that begins with establishing a clear reason for them to visit your dealership in the first place.

Whether you want the large swooper flags or more personal car window flags to place on your inventory facing the street, Park Place Printing can help! We can handle orders of all sizes and deliver a high-quality product to our clients. Contact us to place your order for swooper flags today!