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Car Bows—The Best Way to Draw Attention to New Cars in Your Dealership!

Car Bows—The Best Way to Draw Attention to New Cars in Your Dealership!

Posted by Administrator on Nov 5th 2019

So you have a new car which you want to show off in your car dealership? But how do you make a brand new car stand out amongst the other glitzy vehicles in the showroom?

A clothing store can set up exciting window displays to attract customers walking by but car dealerships don’t have that option. Car dealerships can use inflatables and signage to bring customers through the doors, but once they’re in, it can become difficult to direct their attention to a particular car.

Placing a giant car bow on a vehicle is a simple and effective way of grabbing the attention of customers who’re walking around the dealership.

Here are some examples of car bows were used in the past:

Lexus’ Car Bow Campaign

Car bows haven’t always been around, it was Lexus that introduced them to the public with its 1998 “December to Remember” campaign.

The campaign featured a glossy white Lexus vehicle with a giant red car bow placed on its roof. The thought of ending the year by gifting yourself a glamorous Lexus vehicle instantly resonated with customers and as of 2017, December continues to be the months with the most sales for the company.

Even today, Lexus provides car bows to dealers across the world to highlight specific vehicles.

Car Bows in All Sizes

Initially, there wasn’t much variety in car bows. They came in limited sizes and colors. In 2000, Lynda King was gifting her daughter a VW Beetle. Since she couldn’t find a car bow that fit properly, she made one herself. This led to the growth of other companies that began making car bows of every size.

Everyone Gets a Bow!!!

That’s right! In that iconic episode of The Oprah Show where she gave away Pontiac G6’s to every single audience member, each vehicle came with a giant car bow! Winfrey gifted 276 vehicles to members of her audience, each of which was neatly decorated with a huge car bow!

Since then car bows have become a must-have item whenever a new vehicle is displayed at a showroom and a car is being gifted.

Car bows also happen to be one of our bestsellers. We supply giant car bows in a variety of sizes and colors. We can provide customized car bows that are branded with your name.

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