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Factors  When Choosing Contractors for Car Dealer Supplies

Factors When Choosing Contractors for Car Dealer Supplies

Posted by Administrator on Jun 5th 2024

Car Dealer Supplies Contractors

When you’re shopping for auto dealership supplies and promotional items, there are several factors to consider. Check out this guide from Park Place Printing & Promotional Products for help choosing the right promotional supplies contractors for your business.


It’s only natural to look for a good deal when you’re shopping for office and promotional supplies. How much you spend on these products is best determined by advertising analytics. On average, what was your return investment on past advertising and promotional campaigns? This’ll give you a good idea as to how much you should budget for future products. If you want to really push your name, set a marketing goal and spend a little more each year to help spread your products and services. Ask your supplier about seasonal specials and discounts on bulk purchases and save money on your next order.


Your customers will remember your business more often when you provide quality promotional products that last. This is especially true of products like license plate frames, key fobs, flashlights, and coffee mugs. Every time your customer uses or looks at these products, they’re reminded of your brand name and the services they received. If the product breaks or falls apart after only a few uses, it won’t reflect well on your company. A good way to test the quality of your promotional products is to put them to the test yourself before handing them out to potential clients.


You also want to make sure your supplier can handle your needs. How do you put their customer service to the test? Call your prospective supplier on the weekend or after normal business hours. Do you get an actual person or an automated answering service? If there’s a problem with your order, how quickly will your supplier fix and replace your supplies? Check online reviews on websites like the Better Business Bureau. Are they quick to respond to complaints and how do they resolve issues with customers?

Supply Chains

As with most businesses, it’s important to diversify your supply chain. You’ve probably heard that adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket; that’s the basic principle of diversification. In the event one supplier can’t handle a specific request or if they go out of business, you’ll have another supplier who can make up the difference.

For help finding the best deals on car dealer supplies and promotional items, contact the professionals at Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC.