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Promotional Products Can Help Dealerships Increase Customers

Promotional Products Can Help Dealerships Increase Customers

Posted by Administrator on Jun 5th 2024

Use Promotional Products To Help Your Business Grow

If you’re an auto dealer, you know how competitive business can be. Finding ways to stand out from the competition is vital to survival, but it can be difficult to gain traction. However, utilizing dealership supplies proves to be an inexpensive but effective way to attract customers to your business, keep existing customers, and get your name and logo in front of potential new ones.

Check out this infographic laying out the type of promotional material that you can utilize to boost your brand, then read on for even more details!

Attracting Customers to Your Business

If you’re opening a new business or expanding to a new location, you need potential customers to know about it. You want to ensure your business stands out, so you can be seen from a distance. Put up a flagpole with a large banner or an inflatable arm waving tube man. Attach a giant balloon to your roof, or possibly a giant air balloon over your business that shouts out your branding. Drawing attention to your dealership is especially important if you’re about to have a grand opening; you need to go the extra mile to get customers through the doors.

Are you running a special sale on a specific model of a car? Make the vehicle stand out from the rest. Place a bow on the front of the car or a cover over the hood. Clip flags on the windows or place balloons around the vehicle. Do whatever it takes to draw a potential customer’s attention to the car.

Targeting Potential Customers

If someone comes to your lot and says they are just looking around, use your auto dealership supplies to keep the potential customer thinking about you. Giving the potential customer a pen or a key ring doesn’t cost you much, but it makes sure your name and number are accessible to them. Small promotional products such as these are easy ways to get your name out to a wealth of potential customers.

We all know that promotional pens are always the first thing people grab when they visit a particular business. Those pens usually live a life of getting passed from person to person, and with your branding on the pen, more and more people are made aware of your business.

Keeping Customers

You want your current customers to come back, and you can ensure this by placing little reminders in or on the car before the new owner drives off the lot. Hang up an air freshener in the vehicle or attach a dealer decal. Send cards to your customers over the holidays to let them know that you are still around if they, their family, or their friends are interested in buying a car.

Additionally, having specially customized license plate frames and inserts with your branding on each car that leaves your lot not only gives your customers a persistent reminder of where they got their vehicle, but also serves as a reminder of the high level of service they received from you and your employees.

Getting Your Name Out There

An added bonus to giving your customers the personalized license plate inserts and frames is turning their car into a mobile marketing machine. By letting your current customers market your business subtly, your name gets in front of more people. As they’re driving and going about their day, other drivers take notice of these decorative license plate frames, and if they are in the market for a new car, they have your name in mind for their search. Someone could also see your magnet on a customer’s refrigerator and ask questions about their experience with your dealership.

These scenarios are just more examples of why you should always give away promotional items to your best customers and acknowledge how much you appreciate their patronage. A potential customer who spots your logo on an umbrella or a T-shirt and becomes curious about your inventory could become the next big sale that your dealership closes.

You’re always keeping an eye out for your next customer. You can’t be everywhere, and advertising is expensive. Using dealer supplies is an inexpensive way to circulate your name and logo, and Park Place Printing & Promotional Products is the perfect place to get started. To start garnering more attention and attracting more new clients to your business, contact us or place your order today!