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Promotional items That  Help Boost Your Business This Year

Promotional items That Help Boost Your Business This Year

Posted by Administrator on Jun 5th 2024

Boost Your Bottom Line With Promotional Products

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as a free lunch and there’s no reason why you and your customers can’t both find a place on the same table. Promotional products are an investment that keeps on giving back, whether in terms of money or in terms of client base, these are sure to boost your sales.

If you’re thinking of a promotional campaign built around promotional products and giveaways, here are some ideas you could consider:

1. Keychain

Having a keychain that your customers can flaunt around in front of their friends and acquaintances is a great way of promoting your businesses in the process. A tastefully designed or a quirky keychain is a novelty item that never loses its aesthetic and promotional value because car owners must take their keys and they can amuse them at the same time.


If you deal in cars or car repairs, then having your keychain lying around goes a long way in reminding your clients of your business.

2. Air Fresheners

An air freshener is a must-have for all cars. When the days go by, that old musty car smell can absolutely take all the fun out of your morning commute. However, if your customers take a seat and are welcomed with fresh fragrances, they will give you more credit than you realize because these small things go a long way to improve moods.

3. Wrapped Mints

No one is ever too old for some candy. Imagine if your clients walk-in for a meeting and during the conversation they pop in a delectable sweet treat with you packaging all over it; we find it hard to believe that the conversation goes sideways from there.

4. Coloring Books and Crayons

There’s nothing like reeling in customers by giving their kids something to play around, especially if the kids are showing it to their parents over and over again. Coloring books and crayons are generally more considerate giveaways because it shows that you care about your client and their families. They will find you much more trustworthy and will have much more confidence in your services.

5. Safety Equipment and Ashtrays

It’s unlikely that you would find a fire hazard more at risk than an auto repair shop. With the oil spills and welding torches lying around, it’s amazing that more of them haven’t caught fire before. Of course, it may very well be because your waste oil containers and cigarette receptacles mitigated that risk before it could ever be realized.

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