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Shout Your Brand Loud with Branded License Plate Holders!

Shout Your Brand Loud with Branded License Plate Holders!

Posted by Administrator on May 21st 2024


The key to your car dealership’s long-term success remains to regularly bring in new customers to your lot. Raising your brand awareness in the surrounding communities can present a unique challenge and opportunity for owners to attract new clientele, but one solution that can help centers around leveraging your current customer base to attract new customers. The easiest way to accomplish this comes in the form of branded license plate holders!

The Power of Branded License Plate Holders

Mobile Billboards for Your Brand

During your morning commute, you naturally notice the cars around you as you drive to work, the grocery store, or wherever your morning adventure takes you. Inevitably, no matter how you drive or try to avoid backups, you may find yourself in a traffic jam of some kind, potentially cursing your car and thinking about getting a new one. While you sit in traffic and look at the cars around you, you notice the vehicle’s license plate in front. Holding the license plate in place is an eye-catching license plate holder with your dealership’s unique branding and color scheme.

In the moments it takes for you to register the brand name on the car’s license plate frame, you decide to visit that dealership to see what they have to offer. That is but one of the potential benefits of having every car come off your lot have a branded license plate holder.

Quality Over Quantity

Not all branded license plates are created equal. You can get many license plate holders that kind of match your branding colors, have your name on it, and slap them on the cars on your lot. However, they don’t leave a lasting impression on potential customers and don’t accurately represent your brand. You want every piece of branded promotional material to accurately represent your brand, from the colors to the fonts to the logo.

Give potential customers the essentials of your brand that they can recognize from that first encounter when they see your dealerships while driving past, on a web search, or through casual conversation. When it comes to raising your overall brand awareness, you want potential customers to have the correct frame of reference when they begin the search for their next car.

Increasing your brand awareness can be a daunting task at first glance. However, it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. By partnering with Park Place Printing, we can help give every car that leaves your dealership the most accurate and visually appealing license plate holders on the market. Turning the cars leaving your lot into subtle, mobile billboards just became easier — just make sure you have the license plate screws you need before rolling them out to your inventory! Contact our team to place your next order with us today!