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The Power of License Plate Inserts

The Power of License Plate Inserts

Posted by Administrator on May 21st 2024

Advertise Your Brand With License Plate Inserts

Once a car leaves your lot, the new owners will receive the appropriate license plates on their vehicle after registration — roughly a few weeks after purchase. However, in the time leading up to that happy moment for car owners, dealerships need to have a legal placeholder in there that allows them and potential buyers to drive unregistered cars for a limited number of reasons. For the unregistered vehicles in your inventory, dealer license plate inserts will enable you to take the cars from one place to another, allow your customers to conduct test drives, and provide your vehicles with another opportunity to act as mobile ads for your business.

The Uses for License Plate Inserts

The cars in your inventory start unregistered and usually cannot be driven until someone buys and registers the vehicle. However, you still need to give your customers the ability to test drive the cars, and management needs to be able to transport them from one location to another. That’s where the inserts, commonly referred to as dealer plates, come into play. These plates have your branding and essential information displayed so you can drive the cars around without fear.

Long-Term Advertising

Along with helping you drive the unregistered cars around, these inserts also provide your dealership with the chance to use them as advertising for your business. As customers take your inventory out for test drives, other drivers have the opportunity to take notice of your clear branding on the license plates and take note of your stock in action. As more people interact with your brand in the world, the likelihood increases that they’ll remember your name and come to your dealership for their future car needs. Providing people with as many opportunities as possible to come across your brand becomes more manageable with these personalized license plate inserts shouting your brand at every chance they get.

Drawing in new customers helps drive your business forward and allows for continued growth. Optimizing the places where potential customers can interact with your dealership and become more aware of your name means everything. With the help of license plate inserts and custom license plate frames, you can maximize your brand’s presence on the cars taken out for a test drive and on your lot.

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