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Top 10 Automotive Promotional Products to Drive Your Brand

Top 10 Automotive Promotional Products to Drive Your Brand

Jul 9th 2024

The automotive industry has grown so much and is still growing day by day. Customers are getting more and more automotive options in the market. If you have a business related to this industry, you need to upscale your marketing skills to stay in the competition.

One of the trendiest ways to do that is to invest in automotive promotional products that will do marketing for your dealership brand. These products offer many benefits such as increased brand recognition, lead generation, increased brand visibility, better marketing, and a competitive edge.

All these benefits can help you increase your sales and stay ahead in the industry competition. There are lots of options for creative promotional products in the automotive industry that you can benefit from. We are going to discuss some of them here today and you can opt for these to promote your brand.

License Plate Frames

Customized license plate frames act like moving billboards that promote your brand with zero effort. People easily notice the license plate and can recognize your brand’s logo or tagline on it. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of marketing your automotive brand.

You can give out these frames to your customers when they buy a new car from you, in case you deal in automobiles. Also, if you deal in something other than automobiles, your business can still benefit from it. These license frames are not limited to only the automobile industry to promote their brands, any business can hand out customized license plates to their customers and promote their brand.

Truck organizer

Trunk organizers have a great capacity to promote your brand with minimum effort. One of the necessities in any car is a trunk organizer. This helps in managing your clutter and having enough space for everything. A trunk organizer easily organizes your stuff in the trunk without occupying much space.

Since these organizers are a basic need for every car, you can easily gift them to your customers with your brand’s logo and tagline printed on them. These customized trunk organizers perfectly combine branding and utility to promote your brand.

Car Air Purifier

Everyone wants their car to smell good and free from road dust. There can be lots of allergens in the road dust that can enter your car when you drive. To keep themselves safe, people use air purifiers. This makes them an easy target to put your logo on and promote your brand.

You can choose a decent and aesthetic design for the air purifier to put your logo on it. People will prefer this so much as everyone is now very conscious about their health and air purifiers help in cleaning the air inside the car. Customizing air purifiers with your brand logo and tagline is a healthy way to promote your business.

Tumbler and Travel Mugs

Something important in cars while traveling is a tumbler or a travel mug. People usually carry one of these things while going to work or college in their cars which makes them a good option to place your logo.

These mugs and tumblers are not only kept inside the car but people also carry them outside. This makes them a good product to promote one's brand. If you are an automotive dealer, then you can gift these tumblers to your customers.

This is a very trendy way to promote your brand via promotional products. The best part about this type of promotion product is that they are not only limited to the automotive industry but any industry can use this to promote their brand.


Keychains are the obvious product to choose to promote your brand especially when your business deals in automotive. Whenever a customer buys a new car, you can give them a free keychain with your brand’s name. It is something that any new car owner would want from the brand they are buying the car from.

They have always been a classic thing to promote your brand with. The customized keychains can not only be given by an auto dealer but also can be bought from various stores. This makes customized keychain promotional products with a wide reach.

Road Safety Kits

Road safety kits are highly important for any road trip. This is something that any automotive dealer can think of to give to their customers. Everyone prefers to have a road safety kit in their car which makes it a good option to promote your brand. As an automotive dealer, you can get a great advantage from gifting customized road safety kits to your customers.

You can include a first-aid kit, flashlight, duct tape, basic car maintenance tools, non-perishable food items, a bungee cord, etc. with your brand name on it in your customized road safety kit.

Car Stickers

A lot of people like to decorate their cars with funky stickers. You can target these people and sell them customized stickers with your brand logo or tagline. This helps in the creative promotion of your brand. You can give them to your customers when they buy a new car from you.

You can also sell them online or place them in various stores for people to buy. This will increase your brand visibility and make people aware of your brand. You can attract many new customers from this type of promotional product.

Phone Accessories

Though you should not use your phone while driving, you need your phone while driving. Using a phone not only means texting or calling someone, but it also includes getting directions or listening to songs. Most people love to listen to music while driving.

For such purposes, you can give your customers various phone accessories with your brand name. These accessories include a phone charger, clip-it vent mount, pop socket, GPS device, etc. These accessories will provide utility services to your customers while promoting your brand.

Car Cleaning Equipment

People who like cleanliness want their cars to be cleaned all the time. These people like to clean their cars by themselves and to target such people for marketing, you can offer customized car cleaning kits.

These kits can include sponge, brush, wipers, ice scrapers, microfiber cloth, car wax, car shampoo, etc. all with your brand logo on them. These kits accompany excellently with any gift hamper for a new car owner. You can also send them to many stores for more brand awareness and customer attraction.

Basic Car Maintenance Tools

And now lastly the most important thing you can put your brand name on is car maintenance tools. These tools are highly useful in an emergency when you need to fix your car. You can put your logo and tagline on the tools and promote your brand.

Some of the common tools that you can add to your customized car maintenance tools include wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tapes, breaker bars, flashlights, jack stands, motor oil, hammers, etc. You can increase your brand visibility as well as the safety of your customers with this promotional product.

Bottom Line

Promotional products have always been in trend to promote brands with minimum effort. To promote your brand with this strategy, you just need to find an agency with good printing services. You can customize any product with your brand’s logo and tagline and give them to your customers.

You can also sell them in online as well as offline stores to increase your brand visibility. These products act like walking billboards and promote your brand without any requirement for you to do anything.