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Are You Ready To Promote Next Year’s Models?

Are You Ready To Promote Next Year’s Models?

Sep 14th 2021

Discover what you can use to boost your sales!

Every dealership has to juggle the amount of cars they have in their new car inventory. With a constant stream of new vehicles coming into the market, finding the room to store the new models is half the battle. The other half lies in promoting the new and existing inventory and getting people onto the lot.

Finding the right strategy, promotional materials, and messaging can help drive sales and get your inventory ready to push the newer models and help meet those end-of-the-year sales goals. Park Place Printing can help you take your promotional game up a notch and prepare for the fall and winter sale seasons!

Get Eye-Catching Inflatables

The challenge of getting people through your doors and talking to a salesperson starts making them aware of your sales in the first place. People quickly driving past during their daily commute might not register that you're having a fantastic deal that can get them out of their old car and into a new one. Selecting the right signage and inflatables can help your ongoing sales efforts.

Something like the “wacky arm inflatable tube man” is a classic tool used by car dealerships to bring something eye-catching that helps draw customers' attention. These large props help provide an engaging reason for them to stop by and get drawn in by the newest fall sale you have going.

A Banner For Every Occasion

Getting the messaging out for your upcoming sales events helps drum up interest and excitement for your offerings. Whether you emphasize existing inventory you want to move or draw attention to next year's models that have started to trickle into your lots, you want prominent and visible signage letting people know what kind of deals you have available.

With the right banners, you can hype the features of the brand new models, price comparisons, gas mileage, and other attributes that your potential customers will want to see. This is the time of year when you begin to see inventory turnover to make room for the following year's models. As your lot's inventory includes a mix of the current year and next year's options, you want to balance the number of cars in your new car inventory.

Tis (Almost) The Season For Car Bows

As we begin the fall and get closer to the winter months, the best time of year for car sales gets closer. With Christmas and New Year's often featuring the best deals of the year, breaking out the special oversized car bows helps get people into the spirit of giving. Getting your stock of oversized car bows before the holiday season can help you better prepare for the rush, and you can utilize a multipurpose approach to using them throughout the year.

Customized Swag On Their Way Out

Your best tool for organic promotion for new cars and sales will always be your existing customers. Giving them a well-rounded customer service experience helps them leave with a positive experience and fond memories of buying their newest car. When their friends and family start thinking about getting a new car and asking for advice, your name will be the first thing on their minds.

With customizable swag, you can put your branding on everything from umbrellas, key fobs, coasters, custom license plate frames, auto decals, and the old standby pens that your customers take and become mobile billboards for your brand. Giving them multi-use products with your specific branding helps provide additional value that helps elevate their overall satisfaction.

Get Ready To Promote Your New Car Inventory

With next year’s lineup of cars swiftly approaching, ensuring you have the right promotional materials to get as many eyes as possible on your new deals is critical. Park Place Printing can help you find the perfect materials for your budget and ongoing sales needs. Browse through our online inventory and find the products that appeal to your customers!